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Aim of our work is overcome communication gap between developers, architects or producers and their potential investors. By using advanced technologies such as digital 3D models, visualization, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and VR (Virtual Reality).

Thanks to it investors can imagine the project much better than just on the paper or at computer. Out of spatial layout of the whole project they could take a look also at the combination of colours and textures, the type of equipment and many other elements.


We create visualizations of interiors and exteriors of development projects, visualizations of houses or other different objects. We prefer to create photorealistic visualization of high-definition fitted in photographs created by our dron in advance.

However, we can make a standard and more affordable quality of visualizations of course. If you do not have a 3D model, don’t despair, we commonly do visualization from 2D drawing documentation. 



Visualization are very important and helpful tool for customer. It often reached beyond the limits of imagination and help the investor to imagine the composition of the scene. Specific facility and corporate standards are often added to the interiors. Facilities, furnishings, colour and material specifications are selected according to your needs from extensive libraries or we create them tailored to you.



Visualization of exteriors is created in different variants, amount of details makes different. This has a direct impact on duration. Visualization is created by delivery 3D model, but we also work with 2D backgrounds (architectural studies, drawing documentation or drawings) construction and material solutions are required. In case materials and colours are not specified yet, we can design them. 


360 ° Visualizations, Videos and more

360 ° visualization - virtual tour preparation

Interior and exterior visualizations are also prepared in 360 ° view for the web or in the VR glasses viewing. Besides visualization, we use digital model to create video, cut through model, 3D ground plans and other promotional materials. Looking for more? Contact us

Virtual Reality

We bring the future into reality

Virtual reality is limitless world. It’s an engaging form of presentation, investors are thrown in 3D environment they can react with, in a 1:1 scale. The VR is a hi-tech way to interactive present your ideas and projects to investors.

Virtual reality is our passion. Are you ready to join it either?

An original presentation,

with a great advantage on the market

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows users to dive into a simulated environment through a computer while collaborating with your eyesight, your hearing and your touch. Special glasses, that are capable of inducing an authentic three dimensional picture, are used for creating VR.

Yes, finally true 3D.

Virtual Reality


An engaging form of presentation

...You are walking through an elegant house, you are admiring french windows in a large living room, paintings on the wall and a spacious kitchen. The connection of light fixtures and a fire place is creating a soft light that is being bounced off the floor. This combination makes us feeling of being at home.

…then You take off Your glasses and continue with Your meeting.

With VR you are not only displaying what the building will really look like, but also how the investor will feel in the designed space. An absence of spatial imagination is quite common in the general public, but it is possible to replace this inability in various ways. However, perceiving space is very subjective and individual. When investors are thrown into a project that they see in a 1:1 scale, they are able to get a better sense of what they are looking for. 

What You see is what You get

Virtual Reality

Pasiv VR

Passive virtual reality is limited to 360 ° imagery, either as visualization or photography. You can rotate the head in all directions and see the corresponding part of the frame in the VR accordingly. You do not have free movement here. For easy control, so-called interactive symbols are used, for example, to move the user to the next slide.

Virtual Reality


Sell the future today

Nowadays, the sale of a new project happens even before the project itself is built. A well-thought-out campaign that presents to future clients the specific values of the project that you are about to begin constructing, plays a key role. We believe that a good presentation is one that catches the attention of its viewers. In other words one that has the ability to evoke emotions.

Penetrate beyond the edge of your imagination

Designer and visualizer Olivier Demangel described a shocking level of realism that he experienced in his first contact with VR. He couldn’t believe how virtual reality was convincing and realistic. Experience this WOW-effect too!

Virtual Reality


Sale and presentation

One of the benefits of virtual reality is the ability to create different levels of details. As an architect or sales representative, you can already give to investors an precise experience of spatial relationships from the building at an early stage of design. However, the environment can be also so real that soft sunlight, coming through windows filter, makes 3D texture photorealistic and with the added sound of chirping birds coming from open windows during client presentations, it will emit a much stronger emotion than simple picture. 

In virtual reality, your stories will be told by themselves ...

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Ing. Zbyněk Pohořelský

Ing. Zbyněk Pohořelský

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Ing. Lucie Rožanská

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Ing. Jan Fousek

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Ing. Arch. Lukáš Šupák